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The core functionality you need

Information Capture

Centralise your case records in the cloud with software that facilitate capture from all the channels through which today’s large businesses and organisations communicate with customers and stakeholders including phone, email, web and social media.

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Case Management

Putting all your cases in one place means it’s easier to manage the caseload and collaborate across your team, define next actions, escalate where appropriate and keep to timelines determined by compliance requirements.

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Communication Management

Larger businesses and organisations manage case-related correspondence much more efficiently with software that automates and integrates communication across all the necessary channels required to bring a satisfactory resolution to cases.

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Management Information

In the shape of reporting and analysis, obtain vital intelligence that’s the key to raising the bar on standards and improving the quality of the services and functions of larger businesses and organisations.

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Simply do a better job of managing cases

Regulatory Obligations

Recent years have seen the compliance burden increasing on businesses and organisations, creating challenges in terms of technology, process and practice. Take control of meeting regulatory obligations with case management software that has compliance embedded.

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Knowledge and Development

It is a given that today’s larger businesses and organisations need to use a systematised approach to refining products and processes. Gain access to the knowledge essential drive continual improvement and quality management.

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Simple Setup

Often, it requires detailed technical knowledge and understanding to successfully setup software so that it works for the business or organisation. A Wizard provides configuration assistance to make tuning the software to meet your needs simple.

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Fast Deployment

‘Vanilla flavoured’ software doesn’t excel at any one thing and sometimes may just do everything badly. Templates and integration features ready our software for the needs of your sector, so, with the hard work already done, you can deploy it fast.

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