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iCasework’s highly configurable Correspondence Management solution allows for easy and scalable management of Parliamentary Questions, FOI, Subject Access, Complaints, Ministerial, Treat Official and Inter-Departmental correspondence. Now you can manage all your correspondence types through a single solution.

Significant efficiency savings can be achieved by use of our “front-line interface” allowing the solutions to be rolled out to “responsible officials”, special advisers and ministerial aides across your department through a dedicated “zero training” correspondence handling portal.

Our extensive reporting suite and dashboards provide extensive monitoring and performance analysis together with statutory returns such as the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) return for FOI and EIR requests.

Pre-configured solutions combined with unmatched service!

Your department can benefit greatly from our solution’s comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality through pre-configured templates for each central government correspondence type.

We provide pre-configured support for:

  • Parliamentary questions
  • Ministerial, Treat Official and Inter-Departmental correspondence
  • Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations and Re-Use of PSI requests
  • Data Protection Act (Subject access requests, Section 29 requests, Section 35 requests, Section 10 objections)
  • Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions
  • General enquiries and social media comments

Templates are further configurable to suit your particular organisational and departmental needs.


  • Simplified, zero training interface for front-line staff and responsible officials
  • Sophisticated, powerful user interface for case workers
  • Office integration, Email integration, single sign-on, comprehensive integration API
  • Full integration with central PQ system and
  • Implemented on cost-effective GSAE platform provided by FCOS
  • Available through PSN, PGA OFFICIAL accreditation


  • Proven system used across central government departments
  • Easy to use “what’s next” interface guides users through the agreed process
  • Easy to configure through inbuilt form, workflow and correspondence template designers
  • Range of collaboration features to speed up communications
  • Many time saving features
  • Sophisticated access control model with complete audit trail
  • Sophisticated SLA monitoring tools and dashboards
  • Extensive reports library, automated email delivery and ad-hoc report designer
  • Range of administration tools for local management of your system

Highly secure – Pan government accredited

Our award-winning on-demand solutions provide peace of mind when it comes to ensuring secure information management.

Our solution for central government was the first SaaS case management solution to receive Pan-Government ‘OFFICIAL’ accreditation from the GCHQ’s Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG)

The solution is being used in the Home Office, DCLG and DoH, and is available to you on the Public Sector Network (PSN).

How to find us on Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 7 and 8)

  1. Go to the Digital Marketplace website
  2. Go to ‘Find cloud technology and support’,  then on ‘Software as a Service’
  3. Search for ‘ministerial correspondence’ or ‘parliamentary questions’
  4. You will see iCasework’s solutions listed, where you can read more about our service definition in detail

Alternatively you can access our service definition on the digital marketplace here.

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