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Workflow and form design

  • iCasework provides a workflow designer for event driven processes
  • Form designer provides action attributes to drive processes, including but not restricted to triggering:
    • Correspondence based on formulas
    • Tasks based on formulas
    • Forms based on formulas
    • API calls based on formulas
  • Correspondence templates and paragraphs
  • Service hierarchy editor
  • Periodic task scheduler
    • Generating correspondence
    • Send correspondence (letter and emails)
    • Allocate cases
    • Re-assign teams
    • Set outcomes
    • Generate reports
    • Trigger integrations, exports or imports
    • Invoke forms with action attributes for unparalleled flexibility

Configurable REST API

iCasework provides a configurable input API providing an interface to each input form. Configurable output API provides interfacing through our ad-hoc reports designer.

Embed external web service calls in forms or overnight processes to:

  • Populate dropdowns
  • Validate data entry
  • Pre-populate or display data
  • Submit data through either REST or SOAP
  • Store and synchronise lookup data such as products, brands, suppliers, branches, advisors

Standard integrations:

  • Email integration
  • Postal delivery
  • SAML & OpenId
  • MSWord integration
  • Telephony integration
  • Social media
  • Content management systems (oEmbed)
  • Document management systems
  • Calendaring (iCal)
  • LDAP

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