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Civica’s Casework lets your organisation achieve its case management goals, whatever, the size or the core business in question.

Regulatory frameworks are often the key determining factor for many sectors; however, others may want to provide better service or identify issues with services, products, and processes or simply achieve a reduction in failures and improved customer satisfaction.

Frequently the goal is not singular and it may be a mix of all three of these. iCasework is completely customisable, making it a good fit for the purposes of each one of our clients.

Information Capture

Centralise your case records in the cloud with software that facilitate capture from all the channels through which today’s large businesses and organisations communicate with customers and stakeholders including phone, email, web and socmed.

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Case Management

Putting all your cases in one place means it’s easier to manage the caseload and collaborate across your team, define next actions, escalate where appropriate and keep to timelines determined by compliance requirements.

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Communication Management

Larger businesses and organisations manage case-related correspondence much more efficiently with software that automates and integrates communication across all the necessary channels required to bring a satisfactory resolution to cases.

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Management Information

In the shape of reporting and analysis, obtain vital intelligence that’s the key to raising the bar on standards and improving the quality of the services and functions of larger businesses and organisations.

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