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Analytics and reports Screenshot
Analytics and reports Screenshot

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iCasework provides an extensive library of commonly used reports that deliver relevant information to a variety of audiences within the organisation. A range of management reports ensure compliance with your service levels whilst the analysis reports provide statistics and trend analysis to aid service improvement. Annual returns are provided out of the box for many regulatory regimes. Library reports may be enabled or disabled as required.

Output formats

Reports can be output in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, Rich Text (Microsoft Word) and Excel. Analysis reports allow cases to be plotted on a map.

Automated report delivery

Users may subscribe to reports at daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals to automatically have reports delivered to their mailbox.

Ad-hoc reporting

Ad-hoc reporting facilities are available to allow users without technical knowledge to generate pivot tables, charts, Excel output, REST web services or list reports (PDF) on the fly. Ad-hoc reports may be shared with other users. For more information take a look at our training video showing the ad-hoc reporting capability of our reporting suite.


pivotOperational managers can also quickly obtain dashboard data about the performance of their business area and the issues that are being raised. Policy makers and service managers can view trends and operational performance across the whole organisation.

Threshold and keyword alerts

Threshold alerts can be set against key root causes and services – email alerts are then generated to key users to alert them that a potential problem is emerging and requires action. Alerts can also be defined against one or more keywords, for example to track specific feedback received following the launch of a new product or service.


Drill-down facilities are available both on standard and ad-hoc reports as well as from dashboards and allow the user to drill-down into case files, quickly export details to a spreadsheet or plot the cases on a visual map.


All reporting facilities are subject to a “filter” – allowing the access of users within specific service areas to be restricted to view only the outputs for their own service area(s). The filter also allows users with wider permissions to focus their analysis on specific areas of the organisation.

Business Intelligence (BI) platform integration

iCasework also allows you to access your data using third-party solutions. REST web services can be configured to export just about anything from iCasework including cases, tasks, correspondence or customers.


From popular report templates, to customised reporting, iCasework brings business intelligence to hand. Cast an eye over the key performance areas and monitor goals such as compliance and service levels with management reporting. Analytics help identify trends and where services might be improved. Auditing to support annual returns is included as standard for many regulatory frameworks.


iCasework reports supports a wide range of output formats, such as HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, Rich Text (Microsoft Word) and Excel. Analysis reports provide visual information by mapping cases.

Subscribe for reports

Automate delivery of reports by subscribing for reports to be delivered by email as frequently as required.

Custom reports

Create and share advanced reports without specialist expertise on-demand. iCasework supports Excel, pivot tables, charts, and the REST web service interface, as well as PDF list reports.

KPI dashboard

Display the management dashboard that managerial and supervisory grades need to see what is going on. Whether it is the performance of the case management function, or the topics that are creating issues for customers, iCasework provides visibility of the things that really matter.

Keyword frequency notifications

Watch for keywords in cases to identify problematic products or services. Define keywords or categories and define the level of frequency at which to trigger alerts to supervisors and managers. Great for making sure new products are being well received.

Granular view

Deep dive into report data with the functionality that lets you drill down to obtain a more granular view. Whether you are looking at a standard library report or a custom report, take it out into a spreadsheet, or map it visually, the functionality is there.

Permission based reporting

Access to reports is permission based and lets the organisation control who sees what. This might be to restrict an individual’s view so they focus on their own performance or to ensure managers and supervisors have the wider view they need to perform at their level.

Unlock business intelligence

Integrating iCasework via the Application Programming Interface (API) allows data sharing with the organisation’s other applications. Allows all significant data to be exported into any application compatible with the browser-based REST interface.

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