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Cases come in through multiple channels including email, website submissions, email and telephone. iCasework centralises information, capturing it in the cloud and ensures all data fields are collected consistently, avoiding the gaps which may delay case management and prevent accurate analysis.

Easy to use

Simple forms make information capture really easy for anyone in a customer facing role. Configuring rules lets administrators script the information that needs to be collected and route the case to the appropriate team.

Built for the desktop and mobile

Responsive web design means ICasework is presented in a way the is optimised for ease of use across all user devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Tracking contact

Agents dealing with inbound enquiries have access to the organisation’s contact history with each service user.

Address lookup

Agents don’t waste time capturing address information, they simply use the lookup function to identify and auto-fill the address data using the postcode.

Voice automation

Free up case handlers by letting a telephone system auto attendant allow customers to raise a case by recording a verbal message. Automated voice recognition transcribes the call to create the case management record, preparing it for further action.

Phone system integration


The API (Application Programming Interface) provides powerful integration capabilities with today’s telephone systems. Inbound calls originating from known numbers are used to identify the customer and route the call to the appropriate case management team. The system also supports calling out to the number associated with the case, provides a call recording function, and relates each conversation to the right case.

Centralise documentation

Digital files of all types such as scans and images of paper documents are managed alongside all the other data belonging to each case. Scanners that are compliant with the TWAIN standard for scanning technology allow scans to be easily pulled in to the right case.

Inbound email

Simplify the inbound email channel. A specific case management mailbox can be watched for new cases emailed in directly by customers. Email directed at user mailboxes can also be forwarded to the case management mailbox. iCasework automatically takes the email information and creates a case, readying it for further action.

Web channel

Cases originating via form submission through the organisation’s website are also automatically turned into cases for further action by the appropriate team. Forms are highly customisable and conform to the AAA standard of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Social channels

Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or RSS and Atom, iCasework social media integration functionality automates the creation of cases originating from this channel. Tweets, posts and feeds are captured and categorised with cases created and routed to the right team whenever further action is required.

Customer self-service

Enable customer self-service with a secure logon for customers to check the progress of their case. This feature may also be appended to existing customer portals to add case management functionality to an existing web system.

CRM data sharing

Integrate iCasework with your CRM solution to put information to work more efficiently. Locate and retrieve customer information from CRM, and make the information in case management available in CRM. Raise a case from CRM and create a case record for further action and update both systems with progress of cases. Integration is supported by the SOAP and REST web service interfaces.

API direct case capture

Full case creation and ongoing management and other capabilities may be implemented directly through integration via a REST API interface.

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