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Accurate and consistent communication is critical to good case management. Automated functionality simplifies managing correspondence and embeds the accuracy and consistency required to close the loop around each case.

A range of communicative processes, such as corresponding with customers directly and in a timely and appropriate tone, or posting privacy protected posts back to originating social media websites to demonstrate the organisation’s proactive approach, help to reduce any negative impressions.

Letter post

iCasework automates letter post to ensure timely postal communication through integration with a range of postal service providers. Printing and stuffing envelopes is not required as this is included as part of the mail fulfilment service.

Email security

Email is widely misused by spammers and scammers so we use a secure approach to electronic communication. By sending an email with a password protected encrypted link, only the person authorised to receive the communication is provided with access.

Delegating correspondence

Involve other case management team members or external third-parties to contribute as correspondents. People that are not registered as system users are emailed with a password protected encrypted link to ensure security.

Correspondence approval

Get sign-off on correspondence from supervisory grades where required before letter posting or electronically communicating with customers or third-parties. Flexible approval functionality enables correspondence types or specific responses to be submitted to approvers to help prevent miscommunication.

Email reply handling

Replies to emails sent back in response by customers is received by mailbox which is ‘watched’ for replies. Any replies are attached to the right case along with any attachments and an alert is sent to the case handler or team.


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