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Centralised case management across your geographic locations and channels lets case management teams work together to meet your organisation’s goals, eliminating inefficiency and maximising effectiveness.

Case management processes may be shaped by internal and external requirements. Whatever procedures you need to follow in managing your caseload, iCasework lets your teams collaborate within a framework customised for your business.

Case handlers simply follow the logical layout of the system which makes case management a series of step-by-step procedures.

Distribute cases logically

Each case may be routed to the appropriate team or specialist based on the details, such as the type of case, the service in question and geographic location. Administrators configure this functionality by editing the formula to tailor the case assignment rules.

Managing case handling

Smart functionality lets teams, leaders and individual case handlers stay on top of the case management workflow. Viewing cases as a list, by date or mapped visually, they can also search for cases based on customer name, address or keywords. Dashboards provide supervisory and managerial grades with the ability to see team and individual performance, as well as delivering a granular view of any case behind the KPIs.

Teamwork enablement

Cases may require the involvement of ad-hoc users and external third parties. iCasework lets organisations perform collaborative procedures more easily. Case files and related documents may be circulated via emails linked to secure forms. Case handlers are notified whenever new information is added to a case and collaboration calendared to co-ordinate calls and meetings across the team.

Meeting deadlines


System-wide or case handler specified target times for specific actions are accurately calendared across working days. Alerts help ensure timelines are met. At a global level, administrators are able to define times for escalation to the next stage. The progress of each case against target times can be monitored and reported across teams and for individuals.

Centralised filing

All case files and information such as documents, scans and call recordings relating to each case are held in a central, secure repository in the cloud. PDF summaries of events and documentation enables overviews to be readily generated and distributed to interested parties.

Case progress

Auditing of each case includes actions, updates and read requests. This enables a 100% accurate record of the timeline of each step in managing every case and it can be presented visually to show progress over time.


The capability to categorise any element of cases may be implemented to cue case handlers to classify case specifics, such as product and root cause, for example. Categories may be cross referenced and mapped for any desired custom reporting requirement.

Automate and escalate

Escalation parameters may be globally defined, enabling the system to intelligently prompt case handlers to trigger escalation when appropriate, for appeals or due to time-dependency. Where external bodies such as Ombudsman services, adjudicators or regulators need to arbitrate in cases of dispute, these procedures can also be defined.

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