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Civica Information Governance is an on-demand Information Request Handling Solution, powered by iCasework, that has been designed specifically to manage and report on all of your Freedom of Information requests, Environmental Information Regulations requests, personal information requests, public record requests, and law enforcement agency requests for disclosure of client information.

With a wide range of organisation specific templates available, Civica Information Governance will enable you to comply with the relevant legislation and regulations and improve trust in your organisation.

Our global client base includes central government departments and agencies, local authorities, healthcare providers, and higher education establishments.

Multi-channel case entry

Cases can be logged through any of the following:

  • Your web site(s)
  • Contact centres
  • Staff portals
  • Email
  • Mobile devices
  • Our REST API

Identity verification

Identity verification as a process is integrated into multiple case types across different stages, such as part of an initial assessment of a new request.

Automated workflow can ask requestors to provide their e-mail address, mobile number, or a specific reference number so that their details can be matched and validated.

E-mail and SMS text message validations are performed as verification measures and support is also available to embed third-party ID&V products into workflows.

Intelligent allocation and collaboration

Cases can be easily allocated or re-allocated between departments and processes, with specific tasks or responses within a case further allocated to teams or individuals as appropriate.

Users can quickly email or initiate case chat to support collaborative working practices.

Multiple departments or even external parties can also be seamlessly prompted to give input on cases, with interaction automated through email, reducing the cost of handling cross-functional requests.

Complete case file

Accessing all information on a case is easy as everything is stored in one central location.

Everything from documents and spreadsheets to audio and video can be attached to cases to ensure caseworkers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Embedded redaction functionality also provides caseworkers with the tools they need to redact data and documents with no need for additional software.

Complaints and appeals

If a requestor appeals against a decision or complains about the handling of their request, the case can be easily escalated and progressed with the system generating the relevant actions and correspondence required to deal with the concerns.

Complaints to an information commissioner and appeals to tribunals can easily be handled and, where appropriate, progressed to specialist handlers – all activities will be stored in the same case file to maximise your efficiency in responding to events.

Progress monitoring

Upcoming case actions are clearly visible on user-friendly case views and visual timelines.

Target timescales are pre-defined to meet regulatory requirements, with the system enabling progress to be monitored for teams or individuals using management reports and dashboards.

Receive alerts by email, SMS, calendar notifications, or reports when timescales are due or not met.

Automated correspondence

Acknowledgments, responses, and other correspondence are automatically generated at the appropriate step of each process.

All correspondence is generated from configurable templates, with letters and emails available to be edited, approved, and sent, either by secure email or hard copy print, with the contents stored securely in the database.

Automated redaction

Automate redaction across file types including documents, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, and more.

Intelligent redaction capability built-in and embedded document redaction tool allows case handlers to simply access documents, redact, annotate and save back to the case file.

Disclosure log

Automate the publication of redacted responses to your disclosure log and help requestors to locate the information they need without needing to submit a new request.

Searchable, public-facing disclosure log included with free text search capability.

REST API also supports access to public case files allowing integration of disclosed information into your own templates and content management systems.

Full audit trail

Every single activity on a case is audited, providing a comprehensive record of each process step, with ‘actions’ and ‘events’ presented through a visual timeline of a case’s progression.

A system-wide audit trail allows authorised users to monitor activity across the entire system providing full oversight of activities such as case management, reporting, self-service, configuration, and even API activity.

Measure performance & analyse

Automated management reporting can pinpoint underperforming departments and exemptions applied. The extensive trends analysis and reporting facilities include:

  • An embedded reporting library with a range of standard reports
  • Ad-hoc reporting to allow non-technical users to generate charts, Excel outputs, or detail reports
  • Team and enterprise dashboards
  • Drill-down from reports into case files or Excel
  • User subscription to emailed reports, at defined intervals

Easy to configure

Easy to use, wizard-driven, administration screens enable you to configure many areas of the solution, including:

  • Request details captured
  • Correspondence templates
  • Case and task timescales
  • Process preferences
  • Information classes
  • Departmental service hierarchies and teams
  • Third parties and/or staff members involved

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