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Integration and data sharing capability is essential if organisations are to realise maximum ROI from the investment in software.

Replacing several small silos of information with a bigger one from which it is difficult to export or share simply locks up data that could likely be put to use elsewhere. iCasework supports a wide range of integrations, providing a great deal of flexibility when customising it to fit with an organisation’s existing software solution set.

Perhaps you want to build custom dashboards for your intranet using iCasework KPIs; maybe you want to see up-to-date case information about each customer in the CRM tool; or want to add case management functionality to the customer portal. Whatever way you imagine it, iCasework is very likely able to support your vision.


iCasework provides a range of REST style web-services that allow both update and query operations such as case creation, adding case notes or...

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Importing Data

With our solution it is easy for your organization to import your existing data to ensure a seamless transition. Customer records including name and...

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CRM Integration

iCasework is able to share customer and case information with your chosen CRM system through interface points made available at each stage of the...

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Email API

You can configure your account to scan incoming emails to a mailbox of your choice. Emails sent to customers from any of your cases are then sent...

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Self Service Portal

Empower stakeholders such as elected or legal representatives to register and manage their casework on-line. Users can choose to log in to log new...

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URL Linking

Hyper-links or buttons can be made available in external CRM or content management systems to invoke forms on...

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