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With our solution it is easy for your organization to import your existing data to ensure a seamless transition. Customer records including name and contact details can be imported into iCasework from spreadsheet files in either CSV or Excel (.xls) format.

Manual uploads

Customer details

To import a new set of customer details, select the Upload Data menu option from the Administration menu and follow the on-screen instructions. To help you provide details in the correct format, you will be able to download a template file that can be used as the basis for the data file to be imported.

User details

Should you wish to create a large number of iCasework users, user name and contact details can be also be imported into iCasework from spreadsheet files. The upload process sets user privileges based on the information loaded and sends an automated email to each new user with a link to access the system and set a password. Again, template files showing the information expected in an upload can be downloaded.

Once case worker records have been created, a further team membership spreadsheet may be uploaded to assign case workers to different teams. The team membership upload associates users with teams and sets privileges for work on cases assigned to those teams. A case worker can belong to any number of workflow teams in iCasework so a single team membership upload can associate each user with several teams.

API uploads

Data can also be updated through our API. Click here for more information

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