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iCasework supports case management for a variety of purposes. Where ever practice has to be exemplary and the potential for cases to simply fall through the cracks needs to be eliminated, the solution systemises case handling so organisations significantly reduce the risks of dropping a ball.

Complaints Management

UsefulFeedback, an on-demand Customer Complaint and Feedback Management software solution by iCasework, is specifically designed for capturing, managing and reporting on complaints and feedback across your entire business network.

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Central Government Correspondence Management

iCasework’s highly configurable Correspondence Management solution allows for easy and scalable management of Parliamentary Questions, FOI, Subject Access, Complaints, Ministerial, Treat Official and Inter-Departmental correspondence. Now you can manage all your correspondence types through a single solution.

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Information Request Handling

ManageMyRequests, an on-demand Information Request Handling Solution by iCasework, has been designed specifically to manage and report on all of your Freedom of Information Act requests, Environmental Information Regulations requests, personal information requests, public record requests and law enforcement agency requests for disclosure of client information.

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HR Casework Management

HRCasework, an on-demand solution from iCasework, allows staff members and line managers to record and manage a wide range of HR requests from general enquiries to retirement requests.

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Permits and Licenses

iCasework was originally designed to optimise the processing of permits and licences and deliver a single electronic case file that enabled the tracking of case from data take on to granting of a permit through to the handling of any subsequent appeals.

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GDPR Case Management

The solution provides workflows to manage individual rights including access, rectification, erasure, restrict processing, data portability and the right to object. By automating the process steps from capture through investigation to reporting, iCasework will enable you to handle requests efficiently and effectively, comply with regulations and improve trust in your organisation.

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